Ceremix® Flex

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Ceremix® Flex, with its breakthrough technology and formulation of a thermostable maltogenic amylase, pullulanase, and α-amylase, simplifies brewing like never before. Ceremix® Flex allows brewers the flexibility to avoid cereal cooking steps when using high-gelatinizing adjuncts such as corn, rice, sorghum, or other similar materials. Ceremix® Flex helps you to adapt easily to changes in crop quality and also simplifies gluten free brewing. Production of similar maltose levels, more glucose and less dextrin in comparison with decoction mashing.

Benefits of using Ceremix® Flex:

1. Process simplification

  • Avoiding the cereal-cooking process
  • Processing of high-gelatinizing adjuncts via an infusion mashing process
  • Liquefaction of adjunct starch below gelatinization temperature through native starch de-branching enzymes
  • No need for cooling in case of very high adjunct inclusions
  • Eliminates costs spent on a cereal cooker

2. Raw material flexibility

  • Adjunct inclusion is completely flexible
  • Possible savings on raw materials replacing pre-gelatinized flakes

3. Energy savings

  • No need for cereal cooking
  • Potential shorter total mashing time and optimal temperature profile