Ultraflo® Max

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Ultraflo® Max is a high-performing blend of β-glucanase and an arabinoxylanase that makes it possible to degrade both major cell wall components to ensure minimum viscosity and get the best wort separation and beer filtration. This enzyme blend will break down β-glucans and arabinoxylans into non-viscous polysaccharides and thus increasing extract run off of a more concentrated wort.

Benefits of using Ultraflo® Max:

  • Increase brew house efficiency and save on material costs
  • Consistent and high-speed wort filtration
  • Consistently increase brew house capacity
  • Avoid stuck mashes
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate production variations due to varying quality of raw materials
  • Maximize flexibility of mashing temperature profile
  • Helps to increase yields during High/Very High Gravity Brewing
  • Minimize brew house and beer filtration capacity cost